The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

A critique of The Walking Dead series finale, highlighting the flaws in the writing, character development, and plot resolution.

Gimple-Speak Ruins the Finale

Let's talk about The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, shall we? Gimple-speak. What on earth is that? Lines like "We have to stop them because we can stop them" or "You're the brave man?" had my eyes rolling so hard I was afraid they'd get stuck. And let's not forget the gems like "In a dead world, love is dead" and "Love never dies." Really? Love conquers all, apparently, as Rick and Michonne manage to defeat the CRM single-handedly and come out unscathed. The big emotional reunion at the end was almost touching until every character started spewing more Gimple-speak. I mean, come on, if I had been separated from my kids for that long, I'd be a blubbering mess. The wooden acting and dialogue just didn't cut it. Join the group hug, Rick!

My biggest gripe with The Walking Dead is the lack of normal human behavior from the characters. They say the oddest things, like it's a show written by aliens trying to mimic humans but failing miserably. When RJ says "I knew you'd come back," a normal person would've just hugged him, not engaged in some weird philosophical exchange. The final shot of the family hugging felt like a statue, too neat and tidy for a show that used to excel in grittiness.

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The Plot Thickens... or Does It?

Episode 6 sees Rick and Michonne infiltrating the CRM, taking down General Beale, and trying to topple a super-powerful military. Sounds tough, right? Nope, it's barely an inconvenience! The whole storyline feels rushed, with flashbacks reminding us of better times in the show. The big question remains: why were only Judith and RJ at the helicopter reunion? Where were the others? It would've been more impactful with the entire cast present.

The showdown with Beale and the subsequent fights felt almost comical. The convenient plan to rig a booby trap with turned zombies raises more questions than answers. And let's not forget the miraculous survival of Rick and Michonne from a massive explosion. Plot armor and tarp to the rescue! Thorne's sudden suspicion of Rick and the final battle felt forced and lacked depth. The resolution with the CRC taking over felt too neat and rushed, a disappointing end to a once-great show.

Final Thoughts

This finale could've been so much more, deserving better writing and character development. Fans, along with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, deserved a more satisfying conclusion. While a happy ending was expected, the execution fell flat. The rushed resolution and illogical plot points left much to be desired. A bittersweet ending with more depth would've been a fitting conclusion. But alas, we are left with a sense of disappointment.

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