The Runner Joins Criterion Collection: An Unflinching Look at Survival

The Runner, a poignant Iranian film, has made its way into the prestigious Criterion Collection, offering a raw and authentic portrayal of a young boy's struggle for survival in a harsh world. Dive into this compelling story that will captivate any serious film enthusiast.

The Runner Plot: A Glimpse into Harsh Realities

Picture a young Iranian orphan named Amiro, navigating the tough streets by taking on odd jobs like collecting glass bottles and shining shoes. His vivid imagination and unwavering curiosity set him apart as he dreams of escaping the gritty port city he calls home. Despite the challenges he faces, Amiro's resilience shines through as he confronts the brutal nature of his environment.

The Critique: A Masterpiece of Realism

As a film buff, I've encountered few movies that resonate as deeply as The Runner does. While other films like The Picnic at Hanging Rock and Denis Villeneuve's Enemy rely on psychological tension to captivate audiences, this 1984 gem takes a different approach. Director Amir Naderi's creation immerses viewers in the stark reality of Amiro's world, where survival is a solitary pursuit.

The Reader's Guide

Amiro's makeshift home on a deserted boat echoes the childhood fantasies we've all had of running away and seeking refuge in an unconventional place. The raw authenticity of his struggles juxtaposed with his innocent childlike wonder creates a poignant narrative that leaves a lasting impact.

The Special Features: A Closer Look Behind the Scenes

The recent Criterion release of The Runner features a 2K digital restoration and includes an earlier film by Amir Naderi called Waiting. Additionally, fans can enjoy a 2022 audio interview with Naderi and the film's star, Madjid Niroumand, moderated by Bruce Goldstein. For serious collectors of physical media, this is a purchase you won't regret.

Would I recommend adding The Runner to your collection? Absolutely. Is it worth buying blindly? Without a doubt. The emotional depth and realism of this film make it a valuable addition to any cinephile's library.

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