Why ‘Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds’ Falls Short of Expectations

A critical review of the movie 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds' and the controversies surrounding its production

The Controversial Premiere of 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds'

Let me take you on a journey into the world of Nollywood, where the glitz and glamour of movie premieres often overshadow the actual content of the films. Such was the case with 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds', a movie that stirred up more controversy than interest among movie enthusiasts. The decision to award Bobrisky, a popular crossdresser, as the best-dressed woman at the premiere raised eyebrows and drew criticism from many Nigerians. This move was seen as a publicity stunt gone wrong, especially in a country with strict laws against LGBT rights.

As the backlash intensified, the spotlight on the movie grew brighter. The producers' attempt to salvage the situation by issuing fake apologies only added fuel to the fire. It seems that in the world of Nollywood, any publicity, even negative, is good publicity. But at what cost?

The Reader's Guide

A Disappointing Tale: The Storyline of 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds'

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter - the movie itself. 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds' tells the story of King Towobola, played by the talented Odunlade Adekola, who finds himself entangled in a web of diabolic women, including his wives and mother, portrayed by Sola Sobowale. The looming threat of abdicating the throne due to the lack of a male heir leads the king to bring home a mysterious woman, Adaralewa, portrayed by Eniola Ajao, the movie's producer. Adaralewa, a woman in a man's world, seeks vengeance for her slain parents while navigating the complexities of the kingdom.

As a movie reviewer, I was left unimpressed by the storyline of 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds'. The narrative felt like a recycled tale from children's books, reminiscent of the stories told on the iconic 'Tales By Moonlight' show that captivated audiences in the 80s. It seemed tailored for a less discerning audience, lacking the depth and originality expected from a modern Nollywood production.

Critical Analysis of Production Elements

Let's dissect the technical aspects of the movie, starting with the costume department. From the questionable choice of giving King Towobola a beard in one scene to the poorly executed aging makeup on one of the priests, the attention to detail fell short of expectations. It raises the question of whether sufficient care was taken in ensuring the visual authenticity of the characters.

Furthermore, the casting of established actors like Lateef Dimeji and Yinka Quadri in roles that added little value to the overall plot left much to be desired. The absence of fresh talent and reliance on a consortium of familiar faces risks stifling creativity in Nollywood, hindering the industry's growth and evolution.

Additionally, the sound department's oversight in balancing the soundtrack with dialogue led to a disconnect between the characters' voices and the emotional cues intended by the music. This mishap detracted from the viewing experience, overshadowing moments that could have elicited genuine emotions from the audience.

A Questionable Resolution: The Moral Quandary of 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds'

As the movie reached its climax, the resolution left much to be desired in terms of moral coherence. The transformation of the demonic antelope, Ajakaju, into Queen Adaralewa after striking a deal with King Towobola raised ethical concerns. In a rational society, such a character would face consequences for her actions, rather than being seamlessly integrated back into the kingdom with open arms.

The lack of accountability and the unrealistic portrayal of forgiveness in the face of heinous crimes depicted in the movie reflect a disconnect from societal norms. It begs the question of whether Nollywood directors should consult with psychologists to ensure the ethical integrity of their narratives before production begins.

In essence, 'Ajakaju: Beast of Two Worlds' falls short of its potential, failing to resonate with audiences on a deeper level. While the movie attempted to weave a tale of intrigue and supernatural elements, it ultimately missed the mark in delivering a cohesive and impactful storyline.

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