Exploring 4-H in Norway with 4H Norge

Discover the impact of 4-H in Norway through the lens of the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program and fostered relationships between American and Norwegian youth.

The History and Structure of 4-H Norge

4-H has a rich history in Norway, with the first club being established in 1926, a mere 12 years after the inception of Michigan 4-H in 1914. The motto of Michigan 4-H is “To make the best better,” while 4H Norge embraces the motto “Learning by doing,” mirroring the philosophy of Canada 4-H. With approximately 590 clubs and 13,700 members and alumni, 4H Norge caters to youth between the ages of 10 and 25, with programming specifically designed for those aged 12 to 19.

The organizational structure of 4H Norge mirrors that of the United States, with clubs operating at the local, county, and national levels. This framework allows for a cohesive and impactful approach to youth development, fostering a sense of community and belonging among members.

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States’ 4-H International Exchange Program: Bridging Cultures

Through the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program, American and Norwegian youth have the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange programs that transcend borders and foster lifelong connections. In 2018, 17 American youths ventured to Norway for a homestay experience with Norwegian 4-H families, immersing themselves in the language, landscape, and culture of Norway.

In return, 15 Norwegian youths embarked on a journey to the United States in 2019, staying with volunteer host families and experiencing American culture firsthand. These exchanges not only provide a unique cultural experience but also promote understanding, tolerance, and friendship across continents.

The Future of Exchange Programs

In the summer of 2020, 20 American 4-H youth will have the opportunity to spend a month living with volunteer host families in Norway through the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program. This cohort will embark on a transformative journey filled with adventures, new friendships, and lasting memories that will shape their worldview and understanding of different cultures.

For Norwegian youth coming to the United States, the orientation program in Washington, D.C., provides valuable insights into American culture and civic education. The exchange programs facilitated by States’ 4-H International Exchange Program serve as catalysts for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and global citizenship.

Nurturing Relationships Across Borders

The partnership between 4-H in the U.S. and 4H Norge is not just about cultural exchange but also about fostering lasting relationships and mutual understanding between American and Norwegian youth. Sølvi Egner-Kaupang from Norway expressed her gratitude for the exchange programs, highlighting the transformative nature of these experiences.

Through initiatives like the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program, young individuals have the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with peers from different parts of the world. These interactions not only broaden horizons but also create a sense of global community and interconnectedness among youth.

Empowering Youth Through Global Engagement

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan 4-H Youth Development program play a pivotal role in preparing youth to become positive leaders and global citizens. By offering educational experiences and resources that focus on leadership development and skill-building, these programs empower youth to become agents of change in their communities.

For more information on how you can get involved in 4-H programs or explore international exchange opportunities, contact your local MSU Extension office. Join us in creating a world where youth are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values to thrive in an interconnected global society.

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