Unleash Your Inner Global Leader with Michigan 4-H Backpack to Adventure

Discover the World Turtles and the Five Competencies for Youth Global Leaders in this exciting global leadership curriculum.

Embrace Your Leadership Potential

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a global leader? The new Michigan 4-H Backpack to Adventure: Youth Leaders in a Global World curriculum is here to guide you on your path to greatness. This innovative program, released by Michigan 4-H Youth Development, is designed to nurture the next generation of global leaders by instilling essential competencies.

The curriculum lays the groundwork for young individuals to develop five key competencies – character, citizenship, communication, culture, and creativity. These competencies serve as the building blocks for successful leadership in today's interconnected world. By mastering these skills, participants can unlock their full potential and make a lasting impact on a global scale.

The Reader's Guide

Unveiling the World Turtles

At the heart of the Michigan 4-H Backpack to Adventure curriculum lies an engaging introductory activity known as "World Turtles and the Five Competencies for Youth Global Leaders." This activity sets the stage for an immersive learning experience that combines mythology, creativity, and leadership development.

The turtle, revered for its wisdom and resilience, serves as a powerful symbol in this activity. Through storytelling and clay modeling, participants will craft their own turtle myths that embody the core competencies of global leadership. This interactive exercise fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, laying a strong foundation for future leadership endeavors.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

The Michigan 4-H global leadership curriculum is not just a resource; it's a transformative tool that equips volunteers, parents, educators, and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to mentor youth in a global environment. By engaging with the curriculum's activities and lessons, individuals can cultivate a new generation of empowered leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges of today's world.

Upon completing the World Turtles activity, participants will have a solid grasp of the five competencies essential for youth leadership in a global context. Armed with this knowledge, they can explore further activities and resources offered in the Michigan 4-H Backpack to Adventure curriculum.

Join the Movement

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan 4-H Youth Development are at the forefront of nurturing young leaders and global citizens. Through impactful programs and educational experiences, they are shaping a future generation that is socially conscious, culturally aware, and globally engaged.

If you're eager to explore more opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and global education, check out our Impact Report: “Developing Civically Engaged Leaders.” Discover how MSU Extension and Michigan 4-H are making a positive difference in communities and empowering individuals to lead with purpose.

For those looking to delve deeper into global educational opportunities and 4-H programs, visit the MSU Extension Global and Cultural Education website. To get involved in local programs and initiatives, reach out to your nearest MSU Extension county office for more information.

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming a global leader? Unleash your potential with the Michigan 4-H Backpack to Adventure and embark on a transformative journey towards leadership excellence!

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