The Emotional Farewell of Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

An emotional day in Montreal as friends, family, and political elites bid farewell to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

The Emotional Farewell

The day's elaborate farewell began at nearby St. Patrick's Basilica, where family members gathered around to escort Mulroney's funeral procession through the streets of Montreal. Minutes later, a solitary drumbeat heralded their arrival at Notre-Dame, already teeming with friends, business associates, and a significant portion of the country's political elite from the present day and the last half-century.

The first in a long list of speakers was Mulroney's daughter, Caroline, who described her father as an attentive and caring parent, grandfather, political mentor, and friend. She shared personal stories of his love for his family, including his wife Mila Mulroney, his partner of 51 years.

The Reader's Guide

Through tears, she ended her speech, "We adored him. I miss you, Daddy." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described Mulroney as a man motivated by service, leadership, and "getting the big things right." He highlighted Mulroney's fight for important causes including free trade, standing up against apartheid in South Africa, and repairing the ozone layer.

A Tribute to a Leader

The casket was carried to the church under a steady curtain of falling snow, in a funeral procession accompanied by an RCMP mounted escort, a Canadian Armed Forces honor guard, and the Royal Canadian Air Force band. The church bells tolled 84 times before the service — one for each year of Mulroney's life — and 18 times afterwards for the 18th prime minister.

His eulogizers represented a diverse cross-section of Canadian society, from Trudeau to hockey great Wayne Gretzky, as well as a wide spectrum of political affiliations. Many speakers paid tribute to Mulroney's love for his large family, which includes 16 grandchildren. His sons Mark, Ben, and Nicolas each gave readings.

The Legacy of Brian Mulroney

Mulroney, who died at age 84, was prime minister for nine years between 1984 and 1993 and led the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. His legacy includes the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico; his participation in the fight against South African apartheid; the 1991 acid rain accord; and the introduction of the GST.

James Baker, a legendary former U.S. secretary of state, described Mulroney as "one of the great leaders to walk this good earth." In addition to Trudeau, the guest list included four former prime ministers — Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien, Joe Clark, and Stephen Harper, as well as 12 current provincial premiers or territorial leaders, and several foreign ambassadors.

A Last Goodbye

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May highlighted Mulroney's legacy on climate action and praised his kindness and generosity. The funeral ended with a 19-gun salute in Montreal's Old Port, ahead of a private family burial in Montreal.

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