The Lightridge Girls’ Lacrosse Team Embraces Volunteer Work

The Lightridge girls’ lacrosse team commits to volunteer work, forming strong connections with various organizations and making a positive impact on the community.

The Power of Giving Back

Coach Kere Harper of the Lightridge girls’ lacrosse team goes above and beyond the traditional realms of athletics by instilling the value of community service in her players. Instead of a regular Saturday practice, the team often cancels sessions to engage in volunteer work, setting an example of selflessness and empathy for her players.

With a requirement of 100 volunteer hours to letter, Coach Harper motivates her players to give back through various activities. Those who achieve this mark not only receive recognition but also a cord at graduation, symbolizing their dedication to serving others.

The Reader's Guide

Senior defender Ava Samson, who has dedicated nearly 300 hours to volunteering, emphasizes the importance of their actions, stating that it's all for the betterment of others. Despite tasks like poop scooping at Sprout, the team finds joy in creating lasting memories while contributing to meaningful causes.

"We really have to remember that we’re volunteering for the better good of people so that they can ride horses," Samson explains. "It's definitely a sacrifice, but it's fun memories as a team."

Coach Harper's personal connection to Honor Flight through her father and husband adds a deeper layer of meaning to their volunteer efforts. The emotional exchanges between the players and veterans highlight the profound impact of their service, fostering mutual appreciation and camaraderie.

Osbourn Park Softball: A Season of Promise

As Osbourn Park softball Coach Patrick DeRosa reflects on his team's early success, he recognizes the blend of youth and experience that fuels their formidable lineup. Despite featuring several underclassmen, the Yellow Jackets boast a seasoned core of players who aim to build on last year's state semifinals appearance.

Addressing his team as "veteran players," DeRosa instills confidence and high expectations in his young roster, urging them to rise to the challenge and deliver standout performances. The team's 4-0 start underscores their talent and determination as they navigate the season with poise and skill.

Senior pitcher Sammie Borrayo's flawless record on the mound sets the tone for Osbourn Park's dominant presence on the field, while junior Cordia Hirschy and sophomore Jenna Wilson shine offensively, showcasing a well-rounded approach to the game.

Emphasizing the importance of communication and camaraderie, Hirschy notes the team's improved cohesion this season, attributing their early success to a shared sense of purpose and unity. With their sights set on another deep postseason run, the Yellow Jackets strive to surpass previous achievements and make their mark on the softball landscape.

John Champe Girls’ Soccer: A New Chapter Begins

The John Champe girls' soccer team faces a unique challenge this season as they transition to competing at the Class 4 level following a recent realignment by the Virginia High School League. Despite uncertainties surrounding their new opponents, the Knights remain focused on their growth and development as a team.

Coach Jazmin Cardoso emphasizes the importance of self-improvement and staying true to their style of play, highlighting the team's confidence and determination in facing unfamiliar competition. With key players like Mya Townes and Ayda Pannell leading the charge, Champe looks to make a statement in their new division.

Bolstered by a group of dedicated seniors and returning starters, the Knights draw strength from their shared experiences and commitment to success. Cardoso's belief in their potential to achieve greatness fuels the team's drive to win districts, reach regionals, and secure their first state championship trophy.

As they navigate the challenges of adapting to a different playing field, Champe remains steadfast in their resolve to showcase their skills and competitive spirit, starting with a pivotal district matchup against Woodgrove.

Langley Tennis: A Dynamic Doubles Duo

Kai and Zosia Henryson-Gibbs of Langley High School embark on a new tennis season with a shared goal of dominating as a doubles team. Returning as defending Virginia state champions, the sisters bring a competitive edge and familial bond to the court.

Embracing their roles as siblings and teammates, Kai takes pride in knowing how to motivate Zosia effectively, leveraging their close relationship to enhance their performance on the court. Their synchronized play and mutual understanding set them apart as a formidable doubles pairing with a hunger for success.

As they strive to defend their title and elevate their game further, Kai and Zosia exemplify the synergy and chemistry that define a successful doubles partnership. With their sights set on another championship run, the Henryson-Gibbs sisters embody resilience, skill, and unwavering determination in pursuit of tennis excellence.

The Henryson-Gibbs Sisters: A Dynamic Duo on the Court

Have you ever played a sport with a sibling? The dynamics can be intense, to say the least. But for Zosia and Kasia Henryson-Gibbs, being sisters on the same tennis team at Langley High School has been a game-changer. The sisters have found a unique bond on and off the court, pushing each other to excel while also navigating the challenges of sibling rivalry.

Playing together has its advantages, as Kasia puts it: “I know exactly how to push her buttons and get her fired up when she needs it. So I can definitely play into her emotions more in that way.” It's this deep understanding of each other that sets them apart from other teammates.

Whitman Vikings Gear Up for County Competition

As the gymnastics season kicks off for Whitman High School, the team is setting its sights on dominating Montgomery County competition once again. Junior Natalie Mihm, a beam specialist, is honing in on precision and cleanliness to secure crucial points in close meets.

Unlike club gymnastics, where individual results often take precedence, Whitman emphasizes teamwork and coordination across all events. Mihm notes the stark difference: “At Whitman gymnastics, we’re not trying to throw crazy skills. We’re just embracing the team side of the sport.”

As the season unfolds, both Langley and Whitman are gearing up for challenging matchups that will test their skills and teamwork. The Henryson-Gibbs sisters and the Whitman Vikings are primed for success, driven by their unique dynamics and unwavering dedication to their respective sports.

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