Exciting Matchups Determine Women’s Final Four Spots

Exciting matchups in the women's NCAA basketball tournament determine the final two spots in the Final Four, with intense showdowns between top teams.

Iowa vs. LSU: A Rivalry Renewed

The anticipation is palpable as Iowa and LSU face off in a highly-anticipated rematch of last year's national championship game. The clash between Caitlin Clark of Iowa and Angel Reese of LSU has been the talk of the town, following a historic showdown that broke viewership records and ignited a fierce rivalry. The Tigers emerged victorious in their previous encounter; however, the question looms large - will history repeat itself, or will Iowa exact their revenge this time around?

USC vs. UConn: Battle of Experience vs. Youth

Another thrilling matchup awaits as USC squares off against UConn, with JuJu Watkins leading the charge for the Trojans against Paige Bueckers and the Huskies. The clash between the seasoned veteran and the talented freshman promises to be a spectacle of skill and strategy, as both teams vie for a coveted spot in the Final Four.

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Elite Eight Monday Schedule

Exciting Updates from the Games

The games are not short of drama and excitement, with captivating moments unfolding on the court as the teams battle it out for supremacy.

6:31 PM MSTAaliyah Edwards faces mask trouble during the game, but manages to make an impact on the court.
7:44 PM MSTUConn starts the second half with an impressive run, taking control of the game against USC.
7:22 PM MSTHalftime sees a close tie between USC and UConn, with star players delivering standout performances.
7:10 PM MSTJuJu Watkins sets a new NCAA record, showcasing her prowess on the court.
6:53 PM MSTA tight first quarter ends with USC holding a slight lead over UConn, setting the stage for an intense battle.

The games have been nothing short of spectacular, with players pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory. As fans eagerly await the outcome of these thrilling matchups, the tension continues to rise in anticipation of the Final Four contenders.

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