The Bizarre Saga of Sports Illustrated’s Ownership: Lawsuits and Chaos Galore

Authentic Brands Group, the owner of Sports Illustrated, has filed a lawsuit against The Arena Group and its owner Manoj Bhargava for breach of contract, tortious interference, and copyright violations, revealing the chaotic situation SI has faced since its sale in 2019.

The Chaos Unfolds

Imagine a world where a media brand like Sports Illustrated is tossed around like a hot potato, from one ownership group to another, leaving chaos and uncertainty in its wake. That's precisely what has been happening, with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) at the center of a legal storm.

In 2019, ABG sold a 10-year license to publish SI to The Arena Group (TAG) for $45 million. However, things took a turn for the worse earlier this year when TAG failed to pay a quarterly installment of $3.75 million to ABG for the publishing license. The result? An abrupt revocation of the license and mass layoffs at SI.

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The Legal Showdown

In an unexpected twist, ABG filed a lawsuit against TAG and Bhargava, accusing them of attempting to wrest control of SI through dubious means. The lawsuit alleges that Bhargava's aggressive tactics included threats to destroy the SI brand and strong-arm ABG into a new publishing deal.

The legal battle escalated further when ABG discovered that TAG was withholding critical subscriber data and using SI trademarks on its own competing websites. This blatant violation of the licensing agreement sparked outrage and further legal action.

The Human Cost

Amidst the legal drama and power struggles between billionaires, it's easy to forget the real victims—the dedicated journalists and staff at Sports Illustrated. Many employees faced uncertain futures and job losses due to the tumultuous events surrounding SI's ownership.

Despite promises of rehiring from Minute Media, the damage caused by the ownership disputes has taken a toll on the once-revered publication. Former executive Ross Levinsohn's lawsuit against Bhargava further highlights the human stories buried beneath the legal wrangling.

In Retrospect

As we witness the ongoing saga of Sports Illustrated's ownership unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of media conglomerates and corporate greed. While brands like SI may be treated as mere commodities in the eyes of their owners, there are real people behind the headlines, bearing the brunt of these power struggles.

Let us hope that amidst the chaos and lawsuits, the essence of Sports Illustrated—a beacon of sports journalism—shines through, reminding us all of the importance of integrity and authenticity in an increasingly turbulent media landscape.


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