Rediscovering Forgotten Gems: Maine’s Sports History

Explore the lost treasures of Maine's sports history, from unique basketball tournaments to a brief glimpse into professional baseball leagues.

The New England High School Basketball Championship

Back in 1963, the Stearns-Millinocket showdown for the New England high school basketball championship captivated audiences with its intense rivalry. The glory days of Maine sports history may not shine as brightly as other states, but they are certainly filled with unique tales and original concepts.

The 'Mad Monk' Tournament

Imagine a basketball tournament where all teams shared the same name - St. Joseph's. This quirky event, known as the 'Mad Monk' tournament, was the brainchild of legendary coach Rick Simonds back in 1985. It was a delightful spectacle that drew attention from various media outlets and showcased some light-hearted competition.

The Reader's Guide

Today, with the resurgence of St. Joseph's basketball programs in different states, reviving this unique tournament could bring back a sense of camaraderie and fun to the basketball community. It's a nod to the past while embracing new opportunities for friendly competition.

Score-O: A Blast from the Past

Who can forget Score-O, the exhilarating intermission game that kept hockey fans on the edge of their seats? Shooting a puck from the far blue line into a tiny hole for a chance to win a new vehicle was a thrilling tradition at Maine Mariners and University of Maine games.

While today's intermission contests may lack the suspense and excitement of Score-O, bringing back this classic game could reignite the passion and energy of the crowd. It's time to inject some drama back into the game and give fans a reason to cheer with all their might.

The Maine State League: A Brief Stint in History

In the late 19th century, Maine had its own professional baseball league - the Maine State League. Despite its short-lived existence due to various challenges, there's still potential to revive the spirit of community baseball in the state.

As we delve into Maine's rich sports history, let's not forget the gems that have been tucked away in time. By rediscovering these forgotten treasures, we can honor the past while paving the way for a vibrant future in Maine sports.

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