The 99ers: Denver’s First Women’s Sports Bar to Open on Colfax Avenue

Annie Weaver and Miranda Spencer are set to open The 99ers, Denver's first sports bar exclusively dedicated to women's sports. Joining a national trend, the bar aims to provide a space for fans of women's sports to come together and celebrate the achievements of female athletes.

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Women's Sports Bars

Imagine being a sports fan and constantly having to settle for watching men's games, while women's sports take a back seat. That's the reality that Annie Weaver faced one too many times. From being denied a simple TV switch to catch the Iowa State women's team in action to feeling the lack of visibility for women in sports, Weaver knew it was time for a change. Teaming up with Miranda Spencer, the dynamic duo is all set to shake up the sports bar scene in Denver with their upcoming venture, The 99ers.

The 99ers is not just any ordinary sports bar; it's a revolutionary concept that focuses solely on women's sports. Named after the legendary 1999 U.S. women's soccer team that captured the nation's heart with their World Cup victory, The 99ers symbolize a turning point in women's sports history. Weaver and Spencer are on a mission to provide a platform for female athletes to shine and for fans to rally behind their favorite teams.

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Empowering Through Representation: A Bar For All

While The 99ers will cater to everyone, its primary focus on broadcasting women's sports sets it apart from traditional sports bars. The founders envision a space where fans can come together to cheer for their favorite female athletes and teams, creating a vibrant community of supporters.

For Weaver and Spencer, the journey towards opening The 99ers is more than just business; it's a passion project rooted in their personal experiences as sports enthusiasts. From childhood idols like Mia Hamm to witnessing the groundbreaking success of the 1999 Women's World Cup, their love for women's sports runs deep.

Looking ahead, Weaver and Spencer see The 99ers as not just a bar but a hub for fostering connections and empowering women in sports. By sponsoring local teams and advocating for inclusivity, they aim to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.

Building Dreams Brick by Brick: From Concept to Reality

As construction kicks into high gear at the Colfax Avenue location, Weaver and Spencer are juggling their day jobs while pouring their hearts into making The 99ers a reality. With no prior experience in running a business, the duo relies on sheer determination and community support to bring their vision to life.

From painting walls to installing fixtures, every aspect of The 99ers is a labor of love. Despite the challenges, Weaver and Spencer are driven by a shared goal: to create a space where women's sports can thrive and fans can unite.

As they count down to the grand opening in June, the excitement is palpable. Through social media outreach and grassroots efforts, The 99ers are already making waves in the Denver community. With high hopes for a bustling Friday night crowd, Weaver and Spencer are ready to welcome fans old and new to experience the magic of The 99ers.

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