Amazon’s Road House remake breaks records on Prime Video

Amazon's remake of the 1980s classic Road House has become the most-watched Amazon Original movie in the e-commerce giant's streaming-based history, garnering 50 million views in its first two weeks on Prime Video.

The Road House Phenomenon

Amazon's recent remake of the 1980s classic, Road House, has taken the streaming world by storm, with fans and critics divided over its success. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor, the film reboot made its debut on Prime Video on March 21 and quickly climbed the ranks to become the most-watched Amazon Original movie ever. Within just two weeks of its release, Road House racked up an impressive 50 million views, solidifying its place in Amazon MGM Studios' record books.

The film's director, Doug Liman, may not have been mentioned in the celebratory statements from Amazon MGM Studios chief Jennifer Salke, possibly due to his public criticism of Amazon for reneging on a promise to release the film in theaters first. Despite this controversy, Salke praised the hard work and commitment of the entire filmmaking team and cast, singling out performances by Gyllenhaal, McGregor, and others for their contribution to the film's success.

The Reader's Guide

All Roads Lead to Success

Despite mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, Road House has managed to capture the attention of viewers worldwide. The film's Rotten Tomatoes scores of 59% from critics and 54% from audiences may not paint a rosy picture, but they don't tell the whole story. With only a fraction of viewers contributing to these ratings, it's clear that many who watched the film enjoyed it.

Online discussions on platforms like Reddit and ResetEra reveal a more nuanced perspective, with viewers praising Road House as an entertaining action flick and a solid popcorn movie. While Rotten Tomatoes can serve as a starting point for gauging a film's reception, it shouldn't be the sole factor in deciding whether to watch it. The best way to form an opinion is to experience it firsthand on one of the top streaming services available.

In a world where opinions are diverse and tastes vary widely, Road House's success story serves as a reminder that sometimes, numbers don't tell the whole truth. Despite its lukewarm reception in critical circles, the film has managed to resonate with audiences around the globe, cementing its status as a record-breaking hit on Prime Video.

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