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Is changing your bedding on Sunday afternoon the key to banishing the Sunday Scaries? Dive into this surprising TikTok wellness trend!

Why change your bedding on Sunday afternoon?

It's Sunday, 3pm, the time when the weekend blues start creeping in. You might feel like hiding under the covers and pretending it's still Saturday morning, but what if I told you that the solution to the Sunday Scaries is actually getting up and changing your bed sheets? According to sleep expert Martin Seeley, maintaining a clean bed with regular sheet changes is crucial for keeping your mattress and pillows in top condition. And what better time to do this than on a Sunday afternoon?

Known as the Sunday Reset on TikTok, this weekend cleaning routine aims to tackle the looming stress of returning to work on Monday. Martin believes he has pinpointed the perfect time to switch your bedding – 3pm. This timeframe aligns with the period when many people experience the Sunday blues, making it an ideal moment to reset your bedroom for the week ahead.

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The importance of a Sunday Reset

“You must get the best rest before the start of your week, without disrupting your circadian rhythm. Any disruptions can cause sleep disturbances that can impact your cognitive function,” says Martin. By completing your Sunday Reset, you set yourself up for a more productive Monday and a better week overall.

Getting started with your Sunday Refresh

The Sunday Refresh kicks off with a simple step: letting your mattress air out. According to Martin, pulling back your bedding once a week allows your mattress to breathe, bounce back into shape, and evaporate any excess moisture. This easy task sets the stage for a successful cleaning session.

When the Sunday Scaries hit in the afternoon, start by cleaning your headboard, fluffing your pillows, and changing your bedding. A quick spot-clean can keep your bed looking fresh, but don't forget to deep clean your mattress every six months for optimal hygiene.

A satisfying end to your weekend

With your bed refreshed and your mind distracted, you can enjoy the rest of your evening knowing you've accomplished a task that will set you up for a great week ahead. And who wouldn't look forward to curling up in bed on Sunday night with fresh sheets?

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