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Social Media Giants Fail to Block Harmful Content

Hey there tech enthusiasts, buckle up because we've got some scandalous news from the social media realm. Remember Reset Australia? Well, they recently put TikTok, Meta, and Google to the test by submitting pro-eating disorder ads for approval. Shockingly, a whopping 100% of the ads were allowed to run on TikTok, with Facebook and Google also failing to block a significant percentage of them. To add fuel to the fire, Reset Australia even created a fake teenager account to test the waters and found that up to 63% of targeted ads on X could be interpreted as promoting eating disorders. Doctor Rys Farthing, the director of policy and research at Reset Australia, minced no words in stating that stricter regulations are direly needed to ensure these platforms implement effective safeguards against harmful content.

Aussie EV Company Faces NASDAQ Delisting

Shifting gears, let's talk about Tritium, the Aussie EV charging company that's currently in hot water. Reports from InnovationAus reveal that Tritium might face delisting from the U.S. NASDAQ after receiving a second notice due to plummeting share prices. The company had already received its first delisting notice five months ago when their shares dipped below $US1. Now, with a deadline looming until April 9 to regain their share price, Tritium is desperately trying to appeal this unfavorable decision. It's a nail-biting situation for this EV wunderkind as they strive to stay afloat in the competitive market.

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Apple Silicon Vulnerability Exposed

Breaking news from the Apple camp - Engadget has uncovered a hardware-level exploit in Apple's M-series chips that could potentially compromise user security. Dubbed 'GoFetch' by researchers, this exploit allows security measures to be bypassed, granting access to sensitive security keys. The catch? Users must sidestep Apple's Gatekeeper protections and run a malicious app for a staggering 10 hours before the breach occurs. The researchers behind this discovery emphasized the gravity of this vulnerability, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security measures to protect users' private data from falling into the wrong hands.

Crypto Fugitive Do Kwon Faces Extradition

It's a tale of intrigue and legal battles in the world of cryptocurrency as Do Kwon, the mastermind behind failed crypto company Terraform Labs, finds himself in hot water. Bloomberg reports that Do Kwon has been released from prison in Montenegro and is now facing extradition requests from both the U.S. and South Korea for his involvement in the downfall of Terraform Labs and the $US40 billion TerraUSD cryptocurrency. With his fate hanging in the balance, Do Kwon's next destination remains uncertain as authorities grapple with his complex legal predicament.

Telegram Temporarily Suspended in Spain

In a shocking turn of events, Telegram, the popular messaging app, has been slapped with a temporary suspension in Spain. Reuters reports that media companies raised concerns about users uploading copyrighted material without permission on the platform. As a result, phone providers have been instructed to block Telegram services while investigations are underway to address these copyright infringement claims. It's a stark reminder of the legal complexities surrounding digital platforms and their responsibility to curb unauthorized content sharing.

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