Female Financial Gurus Transforming Money Conversations

Discover how these six female finance influencers are reshaping the way women approach personal finance and money management.

Rita-Soledad Fernandez Paulino

Soledad, the founder and CEO of Wealth Para Todos, is breaking barriers by providing a safe and relatable space for women and non-binary individuals to discuss money openly. Growing up in a family that avoided talking about finances, Soledad understands the stress and anxiety associated with money conversations. Now, as a money coach, she aims to empower others to take control of their financial well-being without feelings of shame or sacrifice.

Bernadette Joy

Bernadette Joy, the founder and CEO of Crush My Goals, is on a mission to educate and empower women in managing their money effectively. With a personal experience of overcoming $72,000 in student loans, she provides free educational content on various financial topics like taxes, debt, investing, and saving. Through Crush Your Money Goals, Bernadette offers workshops and boot camps for women to take charge of their finances and heal their relationship with money.

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Alaina Fingal

Alaina Fingal, the founder and CEO of The Organized Money, focuses on helping women change their money mindsets and feel comfortable discussing financial matters. Drawing from her upbringing that emphasized budgeting and saving, Alaina now provides professional financial advice on emergency funds and salary negotiations. Her goal is to guide women in making informed financial decisions and advocating for themselves confidently.

Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi, the Certified Financial Education Instructor and founder of Clever Girl Finance, draws inspiration from her mother's journey towards financial independence. Through Clever Girl Finance, Bola offers a judgment-free space for women to work on their financial goals, regardless of their current situation. She hosts podcasts and YouTube lives to motivate and educate women on practical ways to take control of their money.

Shang Saavedra

Shang Saavedra, the founder and CEO of Save My Cents, believes that everyone has the potential to manage money effectively. Growing up in a frugal household that prioritized budgeting and avoiding debt, Shang learned valuable lessons early on. She now encourages women to embrace investing and build wealth confidently. By changing the narrative around finance being a male-dominated industry, Shang empowers women to take charge of their financial futures.

Gerri Detweiler

As a credit card expert, Gerri Detweiler leverages her personal and professional experiences to provide insightful advice on financial topics impacting small business owners. Through social media, coaching, and podcasts, Gerri aims to elevate the expertise of female entrepreneurs and advisors in the finance industry. Her dedication to helping women navigate credit and personal finance shines through in every interaction.

These six female finance influencers are revolutionizing the way women approach money conversations by providing valuable insights, practical advice, and judgment-free spaces for discussions. Follow them on social media to learn more about managing your finances effectively and taking control of your financial future.

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