Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us Season 2 Filming May Have Already Come to An End

Latest news on Pedro Pascal's completion of filming for The Last of Us Season 2

Jurassic World 4

Scarlett Johansson is rumored to star in the new Jurassic World movie, adding a touch of Marvel magic to the thrilling dinosaur franchise. The Hollywood Reporter confirms the swirling reports, hinting at an exciting new chapter in the Jurassic saga that fans can't wait to sink their teeth into.

Spider-Man 4

Fast 9's Justin Lin might be swinging into action to direct a fourth Spider-Man movie featuring the charismatic Tom Holland. Comic Book shares the buzz surrounding this potential collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios, promising an adrenaline-pumping addition to the beloved superhero series.

The Reader's Guide

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jerry Bruckheimer drops hints about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, teasing fans with the promise of fresh adventures on the high seas. The legendary producer's words spark curiosity and excitement as he talks about reviving the beloved franchise with a new twist and a whole lot of pirate swagger.

Puzzle Box

Prepare for a spine-chilling experience as Welcome Villain Films secures the rights to Puzzle Box, a horror film that promises to unravel your senses. Director Jack Dignan crafts a tale of mystery and terror, drawing viewers into a nightmarish world where reality twists and turns, trapping characters in a sinister puzzle of fear.

Festival of the Living Dead

The Soska Sisters unleash a zombie uprising in Festival of the Living Dead, paying tribute to George Romero's iconic Night of the Living Dead. Bloody-Disgusting reveals the thrilling premise of the film, setting the stage for a gory and action-packed tale of survival amidst the undead horde.

The First Omen

Director Arkasha Stevenson delves into the dark and intense world of The First Omen, sharing insights into a powerful scene that almost earned the film an NC-17 rating. Fangoria unveils the raw emotion and gritty realism behind Stevenson's vision, highlighting the film's bold exploration of female body horror and empowerment.

The Monster Is Coming

Get ready for a monstrous showdown as a giant mutant pangolin wreaks havoc in The Monster Is Coming, setting the stage for an epic battle with a colossal snake. The heart-pounding trailer promises thrills and excitement as viewers brace themselves for a clash of titanic proportions.

The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal wraps up filming for The Last of Us Season 2 in record time, surprising fans with news of his swift completion. Reporter Daniel Richtman hints at a concise yet impactful role for Pascal's character Joel, raising speculation and anticipation for the highly anticipated series.

The Penguin

Colin Farrell teases a dark and violent journey in the upcoming Penguin TV series, promising viewers a gritty and intense experience. MovieZine dives into Farrell's description of the series, hinting at a narrative that delves deep into the shadows of Gotham City's underworld.

Ninja Kamui

Adult Swim unveils a thrilling trailer for the next episode of Ninja Kamui, offering fans a sneak peek into the action-packed world of the beloved series. Toonami ramps up the excitement as viewers gear up for another adrenaline-fueled adventure with their favorite ninja warrior.

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