Mike Santana: The Real Reason Behind Leaving AEW

Mike Santana opens up about his decision to leave AEW, shedding light on personal and professional struggles.

Deciding to Depart from AEW

Mike Santana recently revealed that his departure from AEW was a decision made long before his injury. He explained that the injury, which occurred in June of 2022, was just one of many challenges he was facing at the time. Feeling burnt out both personally and professionally, Santana had already made up his mind not to re-sign his contract, which was set to expire in September. The injury only solidified his need for a break to address the issues he was dealing with.

When asked if AEW had plans to re-sign him, Santana admitted that he wasn't sure. Despite the possibility of a new contract, he had mentally checked out and was not actively pursuing a renewal. He acknowledged that the period surrounding his injury was a dark time for him, further affirming his decision to step away.

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Missed Opportunities and Frustrations

Reflecting on his time at AEW, Santana expressed frustration at never becoming an AEW Tag Team Champion. He candidly shared that he was informed there were too many other wrestlers vying for the same spot, which left him feeling disheartened. Santana emphasized the importance of advocating for oneself in the wrestling business and felt let down by the lack of opportunities presented to him.

While there were initial talks of becoming Tag Team Champions, circumstances changed dramatically for Santana. Just as he and his partner were set to enter a program for the titles, a personal tragedy struck when Santana's father passed away. This unexpected event altered the course of their storyline and ultimately impacted Santana's career trajectory.

Navigating Relationships in Wrestling

Addressing the fallout with his former tag team partner Ortiz, Santana likened their dynamic to that of a long-term marriage. After spending a decade together, differences in vision and goals for their tag team became apparent. Santana emphasized his proactive approach to creating opportunities and fighting for success, highlighting a misalignment with his partner's mindset.

Despite the challenges they faced as a team, Santana clarified that he harbors no ill will towards Ortiz. Following their match, Santana extended well-wishes to Ortiz and expressed a sense of closure regarding their partnership. He emphasized that he is in a different phase of his life now and holds no grudges.

By sharing his candid insights into his departure from AEW and the challenges he faced during his tenure, Mike Santana offers fans a glimpse into the realities of professional wrestling beyond the ring. As he embarks on a new chapter in his career, Santana's honesty and resilience serve as a testament to the perseverance required in the competitive world of sports entertainment.

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