Struggling with Emergency SOS Mode on your iPhone? Here’s how to fix it!

Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve issues when your iPhone gets stuck in Emergency SOS mode.

Understanding Emergency SOS via Satellite

If you've ever found yourself stranded in a cellular dead zone or a remote area with no service, you may have encountered the dreaded "SOS" signal on your iPhone. This signifies that your device is only capable of making emergency calls, leaving you unable to use your phone for regular tasks. But fear not, this SOS feature is actually a valuable tool known as Emergency SOS via Satellite, available on iPhone models 14 and later.

So, what exactly does Emergency SOS via Satellite entail? This feature allows you to contact emergency services and share your location with them, even when you're out of range of the cellular network. It's a safety net designed to provide assistance when traditional service is unavailable.

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Troubleshooting Emergency SOS Mode Issues

So, what can you do if your iPhone seems stuck in Emergency SOS mode, even when you're back in an area with full service coverage? Here are some solutions to help you get your device back to normal:

If these steps don't resolve the issue and your iPhone continues to have trouble connecting to the network, consider reaching out to your phone carrier for assistance. They may be able to identify any underlying issues affecting your service, such as outages or account-related problems.

For international travelers facing Emergency SOS mode upon arrival in a new country, be sure to enable data roaming in Settings > Cellular to ensure seamless connectivity. By taking these simple steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve iPhone issues related to Emergency SOS mode effectively.

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