John Mew, The 95-Year-Old Orthodontist Who Revolutionized ‘Mewing’, Takes TikTok by Storm

John Mew, the controversial orthodontist known for his unorthodox theories on facial development and the 'mewing' technique, has gained a massive following on TikTok at the age of 95.

You wouldn't expect a 95-year-old orthodontist living in a castle in Sussex, England, to be the latest TikTok sensation. But John Mew is no ordinary elderly man. Despite being a pariah in the medical community and having his license revoked in 2017, Mew has found fame on social media with his groundbreaking ideas on facial development and the 'mewing' technique.

For decades, Mew has challenged conventional orthodontic beliefs by claiming that common treatments like braces can cause more harm than good. Instead, he advocates for tongue exercises and lifestyle changes to achieve a more attractive facial structure. His controversial theories have sparked a viral phenomenon on TikTok, where he recently made his debut and quickly garnered millions of views.

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The Unconventional Path to Fame

In his inaugural TikTok video, Mew introduces himself as the inventor of mewing and orthotropics, inviting viewers to seek his expert opinion. He argues that genetics play a minimal role in crooked teeth, emphasizing the importance of tongue posture and jaw alignment in facial growth. According to Mew, modern lifestyle habits have resulted in widespread facial deformities that can lead to serious health issues like sleep apnea.

While mainstream orthodontists dismiss his claims as baseless, Mew has amassed a collection of before-and-after photos from his patients to support his methods. Despite lacking scientific validation, these images have captivated a growing audience, especially on platforms like TikTok and Reddit.

The Dark Side of Online Fame

While Mew's rise to online stardom may seem like a heartwarming success story, it has also attracted a darker following. Involuntarily celibate (incel) communities have embraced mewing as a solution to their self-perceived physical flaws. Mew's ideas about achieving attractiveness through facial exercises have resonated with individuals struggling with body image issues and societal pressure.

Despite distancing himself from incels and their extremist views, Mew's association with this controversial group has raised questions about the legitimacy of his methods. Critics argue that mewing oversimplifies complex facial structures and lacks scientific evidence to support its claims.

The Battle Against Orthodontic Dogma

As Mew continues to gain popularity online, the medical community remains divided on the validity of orthotropics and mewing. While some praise his innovative approach to facial development, others accuse him of promoting dangerous DIY treatments that could lead to irreversible damage.

Mew's son, Mike Mew, has also faced scrutiny for his involvement in spreading his father's theories. Both men have been accused of medical malpractice and are currently embroiled in legal battles to defend their practices. Despite the controversies surrounding them, the Mews remain steadfast in their belief that orthotropics is the future of orthodontics.

A Controversial Legacy

As John Mew navigates the world of social media at the age of 95, he continues to engage with his followers and promote his unconventional ideas. Despite facing backlash from the medical establishment, he remains optimistic about the impact of his work on future generations.

Whether you believe in the power of mewing or dismiss it as pseudoscience, one thing is clear: John Mew's journey from outcast to influencer is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of modern healthcare.

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