Can Scrolling for Hours on TikTok Cause Burn-In on Your Phone Screen? We’ll Explain

If you're a TikTok addict, you may have heard about screen burn-in issues affecting some users. Let's dive into the details and find out what you can do to prevent it.

Is Your TikTok Addiction Burning Your Phone Screen?

So, you're a die-hard TikTok fan, spending hours on end scrolling through endless videos, laughing at memes, and getting lost in the app's never-ending stream of content. But have you ever stopped to think about the toll it might be taking on your phone screen?

If you've come across videos of users claiming to see ghostly TikTok images even after exiting the app, you're not alone. Some iPhone 15 Pro Max users have reported seeing faint remnants of TikTok buttons "burnt-in" to their screens. But it's not just limited to Apple devices - there are unverified Reddit reports of similar issues on Android phones and other iPhone models as well.

The Reader's Guide

Understanding Screen Burn-In

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes equipped with an OLED screen, which is known for its vibrant colors and deep blacks. However, OLED screens, whether on TVs or phones, are susceptible to burn-in under certain conditions. Apple states that burn-in can occur when a high-contrast image is displayed continuously at high brightness for extended periods.

While our CNET Mobile team and I didn't encounter any burn-in issues during our testing of the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, it's always good to stay informed about potential risks. Fortunately, burn-in is a rare occurrence on OLED phone screens, especially when devices are running the latest software updates.

Preventing and Addressing Screen Burn-In

If you suspect that your iPhone is displaying signs of burn-in, the first step is to check if your device is up to date with the latest iOS version. Apple released iOS 17 towards the end of 2023, which included a fix for display image persistence.

To check your iOS version, go to Settings > General > About on your iPhone and look for the current iOS version. If you're not on the latest version (17.4.1 at the time of writing), head to Settings > General > Software Update and tap Update Now to ensure your device is running smoothly.

If you've updated your device but are still experiencing burn-in issues, you can report the problem to Apple or schedule an appointment at your nearest Apple Store for further assistance. To report your issue online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Apple's iPhone feedback page.
  2. Select "Bug Report" under Feedback Type.
  3. Provide detailed information about the screen burn-in issue in the comments section.
  4. Complete the form and submit it for review by Apple's support team.

Keep in mind that Apple may not respond individually to each submission, so it may take some time before you receive a resolution. In the meantime, make sure to stay updated with the latest iOS releases and follow best practices to prevent burn-in on your phone screen.

For additional tips on optimizing your iPhone's display settings, check out CNET's guide here.

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