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Mint recently shut down, leaving users in search of a new budgeting app. Read on to discover my top pick for the best Mint alternative!

My Journey to Find the Perfect Mint Alternative

As a former Mint user, I was left in a lurch when the popular budgeting app shut down on March 23. With the need to manage my finances effectively, I embarked on a quest to find the best replacement. After testing out several Mint alternatives, I discovered some great options and landed on my new favorite budgeting app.

Budgeting Apps Put to the Test

I decided to test a variety of budgeting apps that cater to different needs and price points. Here are the contenders I considered:

The Reader's Guide

I was on the lookout for an app that mirrored Mint's features, including customizable categories, budget flexibility, intuitive user experience, valuable insights, and an affordable price point. After testing these apps concurrently for several weeks, I arrived at my top choice.

My New Budgeting App: Rocket Money

Following my extensive testing, Rocket Money emerged as the winner in my search for a Mint alternative. Rocket Money offers a seamless transition from Mint with its clean interface and user-friendly experience. It provides both basic budgeting features and advanced options like automated savings, net worth tracking, and credit reports in its premium tier.

One standout feature of Rocket Money is its notification system, allowing users to stay informed about their financial stats and make informed decisions about their budget. Additionally, Rocket Money's sliding pricing scale offers users the flexibility to choose how much they pay for the premium features, ranging from $4 to $12 per month.

Runner-Up: PocketGuard

While Rocket Money claimed the top spot, PocketGuard stood out as a close second in my evaluation. PocketGuard offers similar features to Rocket Money, including external account linking, customizable budgets, and transaction categorization. However, PocketGuard falls short by lacking a free trial for its premium features, making it a pricier option at $13 per month or $75 per year.

Despite its similarities to Mint, I found PocketGuard's user interface less intuitive compared to Rocket Money. The extra steps required to adjust budget categories and edit transactions detracted from the overall user experience.

Other Contenders: YNAB and Quicken Simplifi

YNAB adopts a zero-based budgeting approach, which may appeal to individuals seeking precise control over their spending. However, this method didn't align with my personal budgeting style, as it restricts users to allocating funds they've already received. Additionally, YNAB's price point of $15 per month or $99 per year may deter budget-conscious users.

Quicken Simplifi offers comprehensive financial tracking beyond budgeting, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a holistic view of their finances. However, the lack of a free version and cumbersome user interface pose challenges for users seeking simplicity and ease of use.

The Missing Link: WallyGPT

WallyGPT, touted as the first AI-powered budgeting app, failed to make an impression due to technical glitches preventing me from accessing the platform. With issues reported across Android and iOS devices, WallyGPT remains inaccessible to users seeking an alternative to Mint.

In Summary

Choosing the right budgeting app is a personal journey that hinges on individual preferences and financial goals. While Rocket Money emerged as my top pick for a Mint alternative, your ideal choice may vary based on your unique needs and priorities. With most budgeting apps offering free trials, I encourage you to embark on your own exploration to find the perfect fit for your financial management needs.

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