Are The r/SEO Reddit Moderators Biased Against Google?

A discussion on the biased moderation of Google representatives' posts in the r/SEO subreddit.

Google's Danny Sullivan's Post Removal

Imagine being Google’s Danny Sullivan, trying to set the record straight on a misinformed observation, only to have your post mysteriously removed by a moderator on the r/SEO subreddit. It's like trying to teach a pig to sing - it wastes your time and annoys the pig! But wait, there's more - the post then magically reappeared without any explanation. This isn't a one-off incident either; even posts by the notorious John Mueller have faced the wrath of biased removal without justification. It begs the question, are the r/SEO moderators harboring a grudge against Google, verging on outright hostility?

It's not the first rodeo where a Googler's posts have been unfairly axed. Poor John Mueller has also fallen prey to the ruthless moderation. The original sin was that the initial post misinterpreted SearchLiaison's statement. It was bad enough that they twisted SearchLiaison's words, but it was downright outrageous that a moderator dared to delete a post by a Google representative correcting misinformation. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

The Reader's Guide

Redditor Misinterprets Google

Let's dive into the heart of the matter - the original sin that sparked this debacle. A Redditor took one tiny fragment of a larger tweet by SearchLiaison and spun a whole narrative around it. The context they missed was crucial - SearchLiaison wasn't advising publishers to ditch their Table Of Contents (TOC) for better ranking; he was simply suggesting to prioritize user experience over search engine tricks.

SearchLiaison highlighted SEO practices that are done solely to please Google, not users. From fake expert reviews to unnecessary content updates, he called out all the gimmicks aimed at gaming the system. But alas, our dear Redditor missed the point entirely, leading to a cascade of misinformation and confusion among the r/SEO members.

r/SEO Subredditors Upvote Misinformation

Here's the kicker - in the wild west of the r/SEO subreddit, misinformation thrives while clarity gets buried under heaps of upvotes. A prime example is a post that completely misconstrues SearchLiaison's tweet, garnering a whopping sixteen upvotes! Meanwhile, a post with the correct interpretation struggles to stay afloat with a mere five upvotes.

It's like watching a comedy show where the punchline is missed by most of the audience, leaving only a few in on the joke. The irony of it all!

Danny Sullivan’s Post Is Restored

Miracles do happen! Danny Sullivan's post, a meticulous 1,120-word masterpiece, was eventually resurrected on the r/SEO subreddit. But why was it removed in the first place? There are countless reasons to keep Danny's wisdom intact and none that justify its deletion. The moderator's actions remain shrouded in mystery.

John Mueller’s Posts Were Also Deleted

It's not just Danny feeling the heat; even John Mueller has faced the wrath of the delete button. At Search Engine Journal, we've learned to screenshot Mueller's posts for safekeeping since they tend to vanish into thin air unexpectedly. It's like trying to catch fireflies in a jar - you never know when they'll flicker out.

Is The R/SEO Subreddit Broken?

The apparent bias against Google's emissaries raises serious questions about the integrity of the r/SEO subreddit moderating team. Are they playing favorites or enforcing some misguided anti-spam rule? Whatever the case may be, it paints a grim picture of the subreddit's impartiality and openness to diverse voices.

It's akin to inviting someone to a party and then promptly kicking them out for no good reason. Let's hope the r/SEO subreddit can steer clear of this murky waters and uphold its reputation as a fair and inclusive platform for SEO enthusiasts worldwide.

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