Embrace the viral machine: Cyber Showdown III hits Halo Infinite!

**Summary:** Cyber Showdown III is here, featuring a new Operation Pass with free customization rewards, a fresh map, and updates to the Husky Raid playlist.

Summary: Cyber Showdown III is here, featuring a new Operation Pass with free customization rewards, a fresh map, and updates to the Husky Raid playlist.

Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass

The latest Operation Pass in Halo Infinite brings players 20 tiers of free customization rewards inspired by the "viral machine" theme. This aesthetic is a dark cyberpunk twist on the CHIMERA armor, blending organic elements with digital design.

To unlock these rewards, players must progress through the Operation Pass by earning Match XP and completing Challenges. This will grant access to new armor pieces, coatings, weapon charms, emblems, and nameplates for enhanced customization.

While the focus is on the CHIMERA armor core, most customization content is multi-use, allowing players to mix and match across different armor cores. Premium options for the Operation Pass include a durable pass with bonus XP and exclusive items, as well as an instant unlock of all 20 tiers with bonus customization items.

The Reader's Guide

New Map: Elevation

Get ready to elevate your combat experience with the addition of the new map, Elevation, in Halo Infinite. Set aboard a space elevator reminiscent of Halo 2, Elevation offers indoor combat alongside the risk of a spacewalk during intense firefights.

Created entirely in Halo Infinite's Forge, Elevation promises a unique gameplay experience that challenges players to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Husky Raid Refresh

Husky Raid, a fan-favorite game mode in Halo Infinite, has received a refresh with the introduction of six new maps. Originally debuting in Halo 4, Husky Raid puts a chaotic spin on Capture The Flag with Fiesta-style random weapon loadouts and equipment.

Now, players can enjoy the updated Husky Raid playlist with new maps like Formation, Merchant’s Square, Outlook, Pharaoh, Ruujaya, and Urban Raid. These maps, crafted by the community's talented cartographers, bring fresh challenges and excitement to the game.

Shop & Ultimate Reward

In the Halo Infinite Shop, players can find the Net Riot bundle featuring a variety of customization items, including armor pieces, coatings, weapon effects, and more. Additionally, completing all Challenges this week unlocks the Signal Source Emblem suite as the Ultimate Reward.

With these new additions and updates, now is the perfect time to jump back into Halo Infinite and experience the Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass, the Elevation map, and the refreshed Husky Raid playlist. Get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Halo!

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