The Trouble With Politics: New Podcast Gives Voice to Britain’s Black Community

Award-winning journalist Marverine Cole launches 'The Trouble With Politics' to address concerns over treatment of Britain’s first Black female MP, Diane Abbott.

New Voices, New Perspectives

Marverine Cole, an experienced broadcaster and journalist, has recently launched 'The Trouble With Politics' podcast to shed light on the challenges faced by the Black community in British politics. The podcast was born out of the public outrage following alleged comments made about Diane Abbott by a significant donor to the Conservative Party.

Cole, who has 21 years of experience in TV and radio, aims to provide a platform for honest discussions about the current political landscape and hopes to offer new perspectives and voices that are often overlooked in mainstream conversations.

The Reader's Guide

A Platform for Honest Discussions

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu emphasized the need for a world where racial discrimination and double standards are not tolerated, calling for justice and accountability. Cole believes that the treatment of Diane Abbott has raised important questions about the direction of British politics and hopes that her podcast will provide a safe space for open dialogue.

The podcast invites listeners from all walks of life, including voters and non-voters, to engage in meaningful conversations about the state of politics in the UK. Cole will be joined by a diverse range of guests, including elected officials, journalists, experts, and academics, to offer unique perspectives on the under-representation of certain groups in British politics.

Independent and Unbiased

'The Trouble With Politics' is an independent project with no affiliations, commissions, or partnerships with media organizations. Cole's goal is to provide a non-partisan platform for discussing the complexities of British politics and to offer insights from a variety of voices.

Listeners can tune in to the podcast on Spotify and Apple to hear engaging discussions on the challenges and opportunities facing the British political landscape. With a lineup of diverse guests, 'The Trouble With Politics' promises to be a thought-provoking and enlightening podcast for all.

Listen to 'The Trouble With Politics' on Spotify and Apple here.

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