Denver Native Saul Garlick Innovates Fan Experience with Fabric

Denver-born Saul Garlick, along with his cofounder Cheryl Robinson, is revolutionizing the fan experience with their geospatial web platform, Fabric. Their innovative approach to using augmented reality to engage fans in live sports events has earned them recognition and success in the sports technology industry.

Saul Garlick's Journey to Fabric

Saul Garlick, a Denver native with nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience, has come a long way since his days as a student entrepreneur at Johns Hopkins University. His entrepreneurial journey began with founding a newspaper and a student club that eventually evolved into a nonprofit organization focused on social impact.

Garlick's passion for creating equal access to opportunities, shaped by his upbringing in apartheid South Africa and his studies in international relations, has been the driving force behind his career. His commitment to using technology to bring people together in real-life interactions is evident in his latest venture, Fabric.

The Reader's Guide

Fabric: Revolutionizing the Fan Experience

Garlick, along with cofounder Cheryl Robinson, is leading Fabric, a geospatial web platform designed to enhance in-person experiences at sporting events through augmented reality (AR) technology. The Los Angeles-based company has already raised over $4 million in funding, showcasing the industry's confidence in their innovative approach.

Empowering Fans through Technology

Garlick and his team at Fabric are passionate about empowering fans to actively participate in live sports events, moving beyond traditional spectatorship to immersive engagement. By leveraging AR technology and geospatial web capabilities, Fabric is setting a new standard for fan experiences in the sports industry.

As Garlick puts it, "It's not just about showing up. It's about engaging with the content and creating meaningful interactions that resonate with fans." Through Fabric's innovative approach, they are reshaping the way fans connect with sports teams, leagues, and event organizers.

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