The Easter Sunday Sports Extravaganza: A Ratings Bonanza

The Easter Sunday holiday saw record-breaking viewership for various sports events, drawing in millions of fans across the nation.

Easter Sunday Madness

On Easter Sunday, sports fans were treated to a smorgasbord of thrilling matchups that captivated audiences across the country. The day kicked off with the NC State-Duke NCAA men's basketball tournament regional final, which averaged a 6.4 rating and drew in a whopping 15.14 million viewers on CBS. This game marked the largest basketball audience since the 2022 men's national championship and the most-watched Elite Eight game since 2019. The ratings increased by 5% from last year, but what really stole the show was the 34% increase in viewership, thanks to the elevated out-of-home audience on Easter Sunday.

Following the epic basketball showdown, the Purdue-Tennessee matchup also delivered impressive numbers, drawing a 4.4 rating (a slight decrease of 6%) and attracting 10.39 million viewers (a significant increase of 25%). It was truly a day filled with nail-biting action and record-breaking viewership that had fans on the edge of their seats.

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Thrills on the Track and Court

Not to be outdone, a primetime NASCAR Cup Series race from Richmond took third place for the day, averaging a 1.8 rating and attracting 3.31 million viewers on FOX. The ratings soared by 40%, and viewership surged by 44% compared to last year. While it may have been a dip from the previous FOX edition two years ago, the race still revved up excitement among fans across the nation.

Switching gears back to the hardwood, ABC showcased a women's Elite Eight doubleheader featuring Oregon State-South Carolina and NC State-Texas, garnering average ratings of 1.6 and 1.4, and attracting 3.07 million and 2.47 million viewers respectively. Despite competing with the men's Elite Eight, viewership spiked by an impressive 26% from last year's Sunday games, proving that women's basketball is gaining momentum and drawing in dedicated fans.

International Soccer Showdown

In an international showdown, an Arsenal-Manchester City English Premier League match drew a combined 1.1 rating and attracted 2.04 million viewers across NBC and Telemundo. This match became the largest EPL audience on record, showcasing the global appeal of soccer and the passionate fanbase it commands.

Final Putts and Home Runs

The final round of the PGA Tour Houston Open saw a mixed bag of ratings, drawing a 1.0 rating and 1.86 million viewers on NBC. While it may not have surpassed last year's numbers, the Houston Open still managed to keep golf enthusiasts entertained and engaged throughout the day.

On the baseball front, ESPN hit a home run with its coverage of Cardinals-Dodgers on the season premiere of Sunday Night Baseball, averaging a 0.8 rating and attracting 1.82 million viewers. The ratings may have dipped slightly, but viewership surged by an impressive 17% compared to last year's game, proving that America's favorite pastime continues to capture the hearts of fans nationwide.

From Bulls to Bulls-Eye

Steering away from mainstream sports, the Pro Bull Riding Tour roped in a solid audience of 1.03 million viewers on CBS, marking its largest audience since January. Meanwhile, the UFL season kicked off with a bang, drawing in 837,000 viewers on ESPN for its second day of action, including standout matchups like DC-San Antonio and Memphis-Houston.

For basketball enthusiasts, NBA TV delivered with its most-watched NBA game since November, attracting 604,000 viewers for Warriors-Spurs and 229,000 for Cavaliers-Nuggets earlier in the day. The network continues to showcase top-tier talent and thrilling matchups that keep fans glued to their screens.

Icy Showdowns and Tennis Triumphs

ESPN2 chilled fans with intense NCAA men's hockey regional finals, averaging a 0.24 rating and drawing in 569,000 viewers for Michigan-Michigan State. The action-packed games provided a thrilling showcase of skill and sportsmanship that resonated with hockey enthusiasts across the nation.

On the tennis court, the Jannik Sinner-Gregor Dimitrov Miami Open men's final mesmerized audiences with a 0.20 rating and attracted 383,000 viewers on Tennis Channel. The match served up high-stakes competition and unforgettable moments that left fans in awe of these tennis titans.

Overall, Easter Sunday was a sports extravaganza that brought together fans from all walks of life to celebrate the thrill of competition and the joy of victory. From buzzer-beaters to photo finishes, each event delivered heart-pounding excitement that reminded us why we love sports so much.

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