Gymnastics Gems Shine Bright at State Xcel Championship

The GymnasticsGEMS Athletic Center showcased their incredible talent at the State Xcel Championship in Boise, where the Bronze team emerged victorious. Let's dive into the outstanding performances of these young gymnasts!

The Bronze Team Dominates the Competition

The GymnasticsGEMS Athletic Center recently competed at the State Xcel Championship in Boise, and the Bronze team stole the show by claiming the top spot. Out of 19 teams, they secured a remarkable score of 114.50, earning them the prestigious title of State Champions!

Silver Team Shines Bright

While the Silver Team finished 9th out of 22 teams, they had standout performers who left a lasting impression at the championship. Katelynn Clark, Kalea Pham, Olivia Smith, Racine Dudley, Riley Krebs, Skylar Bingham, Zoey Brown, Faith Robertson, Emma Ward, Emma Linder, Ava Wittman, Annabeth Gambrino, and Anica Hall all gave their best and represented the team with pride.

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Gold Team Makes Their Mark

The Gold Team put on a spectacular performance at the state meet, securing the 4th place out of 22 teams. Ensley Vucinich led the charge by clinching the 1st place All Around title in her age group. The team's dedication and hard work paid off as they left a lasting impression on the judges and spectators.

Platinum and Diamonds Teams Showcase Talent

The Platinum Team finished 9th as a team, with Macee Caudle, Ariel Fahey, Izzy McCaslin, Laina Busicchia, Shariece Vandever, Riley Walton, and others displaying their talent and dedication to the sport. Additionally, the Diamonds Team secured 2nd place in the state meet with impressive performances from Dakota Caudle, Kylie Burg, Evelyn Oswell, Evyn Lyon, and more.

These young gymnasts have truly showcased their dedication and passion for the sport. Their hard work and commitment have paid off with outstanding results at the State Xcel Championship. The GymnasticsGEMS Athletic Center can be proud of their talented athletes who continue to shine brightly in the world of gymnastics!

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